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  1. Emily Moloney says:

    I’d like to first say that I think this blog is a great idea and I’m glad to see this up. I’m also curious if you will consider posting guest comments or even guest blog posts. It could be really interesting to have some diverse voices on here.
    Secondly, In response to your post I think you are saying a lot when you speak of this extreme existential pondering the
    Human race dwells on about our role and connection to nature. As we quickly anthropomorphize the natural
    World and turn it into out human civilization we quickly lose our ancestral roots.. As much as I can dwell in my cycinism that the human race especially the elite ruling class has
    No hope and sees no end to the hyper growth mentality of manifest destiny that man has adopted as its policy for
    taming the wild beast that nature Is perceived to be. Frankly I’m disgusted that my fellow humans have carelessly
    Allowed and enabled such destruction of the environment the economy and to social well being. Despite my outrage
    And negativity toward what feels like an abstract group of fellow humans. I have come to embrace this notion of Ubuntu that I practiced with past
    Sustainability groups I’ve been involved with. If you are unfamiliar with the term it come from the African Zulu culture
    And means I am because you are. This is a very important thing to remember and even as is write this the word is
    Taking on another meaning to me, but I still feel that Ubuntu is unifying me to humanity. it allows me to extend my empathic
    Behavior to others. There are reasons for destruction, greed, suffering, and oppression and all of us need compassion. Whether
    We are the perpetrator or the oppressed. All need compassion so we can heal. I think it is important to remember Ubuntu…
    I am because you are. We are all connected to the present to the past and through our hopes for the future. Ubuntu has really
    Become powerful for me because it opens the empathic door to one that is not only anthropocentric but also bio centric and ecocentric.
    Our compassion expands beyond humanity and opens up for empathic behavior toward the earth as an ecosystem in which humanity
    Is woven into. Chief Seattle says “man did not weave the web of life he is mearly a strand in it.” And so we are. Many of us have realized
    This truth and it should be a law by which this globalized corporatized world Operates. Clearly the powers at be do not understand this
    And perhaps never will. Yet for those of us who know the power of interconnection and community, we can redesign our human role on this
    Planet. We just must remember through our American complacency that we in fact are the power that drives this nation. Where do we want
    Our energy investments going? To clearly unsustainable energy systems that are designed to impoverish oppress and degrade the ecosystem
    And it’s people at the benefit of the few? Or to a renewable energy system that thrives on localized systems of human democracy. That thrives from
    Diverse organic gardens to local sustainable ecologically sound investments? This can be our role but have we realized it yet?

    • CCAT says:

      Emily, I LOVE your input! Yes, this space is intended as a discussion forum…thus the comment section (serves to facilitate “guest blogging” – like your piece – bring on the thinktank sessions!).

  2. CCAT says:

    Democracy is a verb!

  3. Jacob A. Bloom says:

    The sun at the end of the day
    You can look right at it
    A half moon to a crescent
    The sliver slips away, just
    Beyond the curvature of the earth
    We spin back, away from the
    reflecting atmosphere blue
    And face the stars
    Little white pin needles of light
    From who knows how far away.
    Rotating, spinning, millions of
    miles per hour, on this crazy hunk of water,
    earth, and life, through deep space…
    I may have a teen tiny existence…
    but I’m in for a crazy f***ing ride.

    Really happy to be a part of the team!
    Jacob A. Bloom, CCAT Co-Editor

  4. Jacob A. Bloom says:

    What is community?
    A way of being…
    A means of existence and security… like really,
    Exile from the community is one of the quickest ways to meet an early death
    But it is more than that
    Community is culture
    Shaped by culture
    And the creation of culture
    Community is the trend setter and trend follower.

    Community is family by consensus
    Interconnectedness, collective consciousness, and democratic comfort.
    Community is a process, for individuation and self actualization,
    A means to access the eternal truth
    You have gossip, you have politics
    You have celebrations and you have mourning
    You always have somebody to talk to, and something to talk about

    Community is going out of your way to help ensure another’s happiness even when you have nothing directly to gain yourself…
    But, when you create community
    You’ll always find, that you have much to gain, and many ways to grow

    What is community?
    A compilation of assorted people; geographically, culturally, and… actively…
    You must create community, work at it, be nice to your neighbors, go out of your way to make and strengthen the connections….
    You’re not just a part of a community, you are the community.
    Create, foster the culture of kindness, sharing, of understanding.
    Cultures create communities, and communities create culture. Thrive on the interconnectivity, but embrace individuality, be the agent for change. Cultures can shape you, or you can shape cultures,
    and guess how cultures spread?

    That’s right, community.

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