Humboldt State University

Photo Gallery

35th Anniversary & Harvest Fest 2013 Profile Photos May Day 2012 Spring 2012 Retreat
Herb Spiral Renovation 2012 Volunteer Friday Spring 2012 WakeUp! Humboldt CCAT's Greenhouse Evolution
Children's Week 2012 Appropriate Tech (ENGR 305) Spring 2012 Moss Graffiti Workshop Green Building Permaculture Field Trip
Recycled Bike Fenders - Spring 2012 Open Mic Nov 11 Open Mic October CCAT Retreat Fall 2011
CCAT @ Commencement 2011 May Day 2011 Spring 2011 Retreat Open Mic 2011
CCAT Spring 2011 Bicycle Fender Workshop - Spring 2011 Sustainable Tech Seminar Spring 2011 Workday Feb 4
Fall 10 Slideshow Harvest Celebration Green Shed Work CCAT Grounds, etc. Album
Stone Lagoon Retreat '10 Album Sandy Bar Permaculture Course 2010 Co-Director Photos May 2010 May Day 2010
CCAT Ground Pictures CCAT's New roof Some of 2009 at CCAT CCAT House Tour
CCAT's 30th Anniversary Celebration! CCAT Fall 2008 CCAT Summer 2008 Mayday 2008
STS @ Blue Ox Spring 08 CCAT Spring 08 Spring 08 Children planting CCAT's New Roof
CCAT Fall 2007, Getting Settled In CCAT Grand Re-Opening Fall 2007 CCAT's solar panels CCAT's solar panels Fall 2007
Jenkin's House Destruction Fall 2007 Jenkin's House Destruction Return to the Buck House CCAT Summer 2007
CCAT Fall 2007 Building the Cob Bench CCAT's New Home Classes at CCAT
Cob Project May Day 06 Moving The Buck House Working on the Buck House, Spring 2007

Bart’s Private Collection – Old-School CCAT!

Our friend and longtime supporter Bart Orlando has his own collection of older CCAT photos from the early 90s and on!


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