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Powering Marginalized Communities through Micro-Hydro in Downstairs CCAT Wednesday 9/10 6 pm

CCAT is pleased to announce a very exciting guest speaker who will share expert insights on powering and empowering marginalized communities through micro-hydro power in the Dominican Republic. Students will learn about using and installing micro-hydro power, how to help communities build and maintain their own systems, and will get accounts of decades worth of experience in renewable energy and resilient community technology.

Jon Katz has worked with Renewable energies since the ’80s, is the Coordinator of the El Limon Rural Alternatives Center in the Dominican Republic, and has partnered with Lonny Grafman with community building projects.

This is a rare opportunity that will give students the opportunity to learn about participatory development projects in marginalized communities.

This will occur in the Downstairs CCAT on Wednesday, August 10 at 6 pm.
Hope to see you there!

-The CCAT Co-Directors

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