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Rent a Cap and Gown

Why should I rent from CCAT?

CCAT is a student-led and student-funded demonstration house for appropriate technologies and sustainability located on the HSU campus. You will be directly supporting a program that provides students with both hands-on experience in appropriate technologies and a wealth of information about living lightly on the earth.

For more about what CCAT does, visit our About CCAT page.

How much does it cost to rent?

$20 for a gown of any size
$5 for a cap

(Compared to $32 for both cap and gown at the HSU Bookstore.)

Where do I pick up my rental?

Come by the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology! We are located on the south side of campus just down the hill from the Behavioral and Social Science (BSS) building.

We will be open for cap and gown rental:
Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm
Thursday 1:00-3:00pm

For further directions, see our Visiting CCAT page.

Does CCAT provide everything I need to wear at Commencement?

No. According to the FAQs for Graduates page of the HSU website, 2014 Candidates will wear a green and gold Centennial Commencement stole and an HSU Centennial signet tassel on their caps to commemorate HSU’s 100th anniversary. You will need to purchase these and any other cords (honors, teaching credentials) or hood (Master’s) from the HSU bookstore

For more information, please see the HSU FAQs for Graduates page.

What do I do after the ceremony?

You can return your cap and gown one of two ways:

  • Come by the CCAT Table in the Redwood Bowl on the day of commencement. Drop off your gear, and sign our return sheet.
  • Come back to the CCAT House anytime Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm before Friday May 23rd. Drop off your gear, and sign our return sheet.

Can I donate a cap and gown?

Yes! If you purchased your cap and gown from the HSU Bookstore, and don’t see yourself needing them in the future then you can donate it to CCAT. You will be both supporting the sustainability movement, and helping out future graduates.

No, if you rented your cap and gown from the HSU bookstore, we cannot accept them.

Can I reserve a cap and gown before I come to CCAT?

Yes! Fill out the form below to reserve a cap and gown before they run out!


You can also call us at (707) 826-3551 to reserve.

I submitted a reservation, why isn’t my gown ready for pick up?

We had a link on this page that unfortunately was not working. If you submit the form and you are not provided with a confirmation page, email our fundraiser, Austin Anderson: or come see him at his CCAT staff office hour Thursday 11-12pm.

Drop-in Hours for Pick-up


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